Moonlight, dreams, love, and starshine! OMG, it’s so kawaii!!!! The Magical Girls are undoubtedly cute, but they will surprise you with what they can do with their spells. And they work together as a team. Evil will have no chance against these girls.

- Big in Japan rulebook

The Magical Girls are one of the 4 factions from the Big in Japan set.

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Cards Edit


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Minions Edit

To be ordered in descending rank

?x Lunar Captain - power 5 - Talent: Choose a minion in your discard pile with power less than or equal to the number of your minions here, and place it into your hand.

?x Sakura Warrior - power 4 - Talent: Reduce a minion’s power here by the number of your minions here until the start of your next turn.

?x Bewitching Gal - power 3 - Talent: Reduce the breakpoint of this base by the number of your minions here until the end of the turn.

?x Fancy Suit Lad - power 3 - Ongoing: Your other minions here are not affected by other players’ cards.

?x Black Magicat - power 1 - Search your deck and/or discard pile for Lunar Captain and place it into your hand.

?x White Magicat - power 1 - Search your deck and/or discard pile for Power Maid and place it into your hand.

?x Minion name - power ? - Minion ability

Actions Edit

To be ordered alphabetically

?x Lunar Healing Love Spell - Choose a minion in each player’s discard pile and place it into its owner’s hand.

?x Purge the Demon - Choose a card. Destroy an action on it, OR remove all counters on it.

?x Action name - Action ability

Titan Edit

1x Walking Castle - Titan ability

Magical Girls

Bases Edit

To be ordered alphabetically

Clarifications Edit

Here are the official clarifications as they appear in the Big in Japan rulebook:

Bewitching Gal, Sakura Warrior: The amount of reduction is calculated once, and does not change even if the number of minions there changes.

Black Magicat, White Magicat: It is now part of the rules that cards that tell you to search your deck also require that you reveal the card searched for, and shuffle your deck afterwards.

Walking Castle: You may play these instead of a regular minion play whether or not you have any minions in hand. No restrictions on minion play apply to titan play.

Purge the Demon: You may choose any card, including a base or a titan.

Mechanics Edit

FAQ Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This faction is based on the mahou shoujo subgenre of anime, most notably Sailor Moon.

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