There are currently 14 released Smash Up sets. Sets typically include factions, bases, VP tokens, an updated rulebook, dividers and sometimes a box that can hold many decks of cards nicely.

Most sets are expansion packs with 4 factions, although there are many exceptions to that pattern as well, namely the Core Set, The Big Geeky Box, Smash Up: Munchkin, It’s Your Fault!.

In addition to regular sets, there are a few promotional sets, namely All Stars Event Kit, Sheep (not an actual set, but a free faction) and TITANS Event Kit.

List of released Sets Edit

  • Core Set - The first set of all the sets! Release date: 8 October 2012
  • Awesome Level 9000 - A set with even more crazy factions. Release date: 8 April 2013
  • The Obligatory Cthulhu Set - A Madness-infused set with Cthulhu-themed factions. Release date: 16 September 2013
  • Science Fiction Double Feature - A mix of factions with a sci-fi feel. Release date: 17 March 2014
  • The Big Geeky Box - The first massive storage solution for the Smash Up sets. Release date: 15 August 2014
  • Monster Smash - A set with factions based on well-known scary monsters. Release date: 15 September 2014
  • Pretty Pretty Smash Up - A cute and girly-themed set. Release date: 9 March 2015
  • Smash Up: Munchkin - A crossover with the Munchkin universe. Release date: 28 September 2015
  • It’s Your Fault! - The first set with fan-chosen factions. Release date: 7 March 2016
  • Cease and Desist - A set with factions based on popular franchises. Release date: 15 September 2016
  • What Were We Thinking? - A mix of surprising choices for factions. Release date: 29 March 2017
  • All Stars Event Kit (Promotional set) - The first kit for Smash Up tournaments. Release date: 12 July 2017 (discontinued)
  • Big in Japan - A set with factions based on popular Japanese franchises. Release date: 6 September 2017
  • That ’70s Expansion - A set with factions coming straight from the 70s. Release date: 21 March 2018

Upcoming sets Edit

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Promotional: All Stars Event Kit  •  Sheep  •  TITANS Event Kit



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