The Sheep are the single faction obtained from completing the Smash Up survey.

This faction has no official flavor text, because the deck has no rule book.

Sheep focus on moving themselves and other players' minions around and playing extra cards from your own and other players' decks.

Other factions from the same set: (none).

Cards Edit

[IMAGE OF ALL THE CARDS (width: 300px)]

(Add info on the number of minions and actions, and the total minion base power)

Minions Edit

To be ordered in descending rank

1x Little Bo Peep - power 5 - Ongoing: Other players can not move minions to or from here. Talent: Move one of your minions to here.

2x Ram - power 4 - (translated from German) Talent: Move this minion to another base. You may then return a minion of power 2 or less there to it's owner's hand.

3x Black Sheep - power 4 - Ongoing: After a minion is played here, move this minion to another base.

4x Flock - power 2 - Ongoing: After another minion moves from here to another base, move this minion to there as well.

Actions Edit

To be ordered alphabetically

2x (name to be determined) - (translated from German) Move one of your minions to another base and draw a card. You may play another action.

1x (translated from German) Counting Sheep - (translated from German) Play on a base. Ongoing: After another player increases the power of their minion here, all of your minions on this base get +1 power until the end of the turn.

1x (translated from German) Hello, Dolly! - (translated from German) Special: Play this card immediately after another player plays an action. Copy that action.

1x (translated from German) In Sheep's Clothing - (translated from German) Play on a minion. Ongoing: After another minion is moved from here to another base, you may move this minion there and destroy this action.

1x (translated from German) On the Lamb - Action ability

1x (translated from German) Shearing Sheep - (translated from German) Draw a card and choose one of your minions. That minion has -2 power until your next turn. You may place this card into your hand instead of the discard pile.

2x To Follow, or Not? - Choose another player. Choose a random action in their discard pile. Play it as an extra action or return it. Draw a card.

1x Wood for Sheep - Choose another player. Reveal a random card from their hand. You may place a card from your hand into their hand to play the revealed card as an extra card, otherwise return it.


Bases Edit

To be ordered alphabetically

  • Base name
  • Base name

Mechanics Edit

FAQ Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Wood for Sheep is a reference to Settlers of Catan.
  • Hello Dolly! is a reference to the first cloned sheep named Dolly in 1996.

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