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It's Titanic! But Without the Earworm...

It's TITAN time! The Titan cards, first introduced in Smash Up: Big in Japan are now back in this all-new event kit. Featuring Titans for various factions including Ghosts, Pirates, Changerbots and more, the Titan Event Kit will provide new strategies for many of your favorite classic Smash Up factions! The kit includes Titan sets for up to 8 players, an amazing new playmat, and really spiffy new power tokens!

- TITANS Event Kit box description

Similar to the All Stars Event Kit, TITANS Event Kit is a special Smash Up set, only available for retailers. It contains 8 "Smash Up TITANS" packs (each containing 16 new Titans), a table-sized Smash Up playmat, a set of VP tokens and a token bag.

Unlike the previous event kit, this kit is not bundled with the Core Set.

This set does not contain a rulebook or any rules changes.[probably]

Previous set: That ’70s Expansion

Next set: Oops, You Did It Again

Cards Edit

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Titans Edit

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Tokens Edit


+1 Power Counters:

  • [Description of the "+1" token]
  • [Description of the "+5" token]

TITANS Event Kit

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