The obligatory cthulhu set box

Just when you thought Smash Up might escape... the International Gaming Authority reminded us we were honor-bound to include Cthulhu in one of our products. So we set on to make the Cthulhu-est product ever which you now hold into your hands.

Smash Up: The Obligatory Cthulhu Set features crazy Cthulhu cultists, fishy Innsmouth locals, horrifying Elder Things, and good old Miskatonic University members (the Fightin' Cephalopods). To be certain we got it right, this set also includes a new card type fittingly known as "Madness", that each of these groups use to various effects. Bur remember that Madness brings you power but at a price (joking!).

If you're ready to embrace the creatures beyond the understanding of mortal men, then shuffle up these guys with your pirates, bear cavalry, and others for the most awesome fit of crazed insanity you've had in a long time!

- The Obligatory Cthulhu Set box description

The Obligatory Cthulhu Set is the 3rd Smash Up set, which contains 4 new factions, 8 new bases, a madness deck, a rulebook, and VP tokens.

Combined with all previous sets, there are 16 factions and 32 bases, which makes 120 possible pairs of factions.

This set introduces Madness.

Previous set: Awesome Level 9000

Next set: Science Fiction Double Feature




Other Deck Edit


Main article: Rules

The rulebook for this set can be found here.

This set introduced the following changes to the rules:

This set also introduced the following clarifications:

  • The definition of Talent added that Actions can have talents.

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