We really shouldn’t pick factions when we’re … tired. Smash Up: What Were We Thinking is an eclectic mix of factions that we couldn’t talk ourselves out of adding to the game. - AEG

Is that a Teddy Bear?

How motley are the creatures we find here!
O strange new box that has such factions in it!
What were we thinking? Tell, what’s in a name?
This set has factions standing for four ages.
At first the children, hugging Teddy Bears
Whose cuteness oft confounds opposing minions.
The youth will next pursue their favorite band
Of Rock Stars questing for the greatest bases.
Mature Explorers, restless in midlife,
Strive always to be first in new horizons.
Last, wise in life’s pursuits, the Grannies shall
Manipulate their decks to draw what’s needed.

This tenth expansion we now bring to you,
And celebrate achieving fifty factions!

- What Were We Thinking? box description

What Were We Thinking? is the 11th and most recent Smash Up set. It contains 4 new factions, 8 new bases, a rulebook, VP tokens and 4 dividers.

Combined with all previous sets, there are 50 (!) factions and 100 bases, which makes 1225 possible pairs of factions.

Previous set: Cease and Desist

Next set: All Stars Event Kit

Cards Edit

Factions Edit

Bases Edit

Rules Edit

Main article: Rules

The rulebook for this set can be found here.

This set made a few modifications to the rules relative to the previous rulebook in Cease and Desist:

  • Changed the rule to decide who goes first.
  • Updated the Card Resolution Order chart.
  • Added the definition of "starting".

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